Saturday 16 July 2011


There was an old tiger in the forest. He was injured in a chase and suffering pain in his legs. He was resting and there was no one to get food for him. 

One day, he saw a chubby  rabbit running past him. He began to chase the rabbit with some difficulty. The rabbit was very smart. The chase lasted long. After some time the tiger became tired. The tiger was religious. He began to pray to the deity:

 "Oh God! Please get me that rabbit. If I do not get, I will die. Food is Life.You made me a carnivore, so I can not eat grass.So please give me the rabbit. I am tiring. I am injured, I am old too. So please give me the rabbit.....Oh please god"

 At the same time, the rabbit was also tiring due to the chase. She also started praying:

"Oh God that tiger is chasing me. My life is in your hands and I have three newly-born children in my burrow. You know it. I am in search of food for my kids.You know, I always prayed to you, sang your songs. If you don't help me now, I will be eaten. I will do anything for you if I am helped. I will do every Vazhipadues in the book. Oh god, I will do everything for you. Please..please help me and save my children"

The chase was on. Both were tiring and praying, praying and tiring"

The God can't wait any longer. Who do you think will be favoured by the God? The Tiger or the Rabbit? What do you say?

(*The idea taken from one of the speeches of my father)